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The Betting Rules for the Bookmaker Lotus365 (hereafter called the Rules) defines the manner in which bets can be accepted, the payout of winnings and disputes resolvable as well as the characteristics of bets that are specific to specific sports. These Rules regulate any other relationship between Lotus365, the bookmaker and the client.
The rules below apply to all betting via the Lotus365 website, or in betting establishments.

BetIt is a contract between the client and the bookmaker, as well as the Rules which is risk-driven. The satisfaction of the contract is contingent upon the outcome of an upcoming event. Bookmakers are willing to accept bets based according to their conditions.
OutcomeThe outcome of an event or events upon which the bet was placed.
CustomerSomeone who puts bets with the bookmaker.
Bet CancellationThe result of a bet is not resolved and the prize has not been paid. As per the Rules of the game, an “bet cancelation” will result in an agreement between the bookmaker (the customer) and the bookmaker declared to be inconclusive. The stake will be returned.
Regular TimeRegular time is not inclusive of the penalty shootout, overtime and so on. Regular time does not include the overtime requirement, penalties for shootouts, and additional time.


  1. All games on Lotus365 are run under the Opertator’s brand name.
  2. Individuals who follow are not allowed to placing bets
    • People who are less than 18 at the time they are referred to;
    • People who are directly associated with the event being put bet on (e.g. Referees, coaches, or sportspeople) and club managers, owners or other people who can affect the outcome of the event are all able to place bets.
    • People from other bookmakers
    • Individuals who are forbidden by law from entering into a contract with the bookmaker.
  3. In some countries, like some countries, such as the USA, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Netherlands, etc. It may be prohibited to access or use the site (including the products offered on the website). Our website is not designed to be utilized by individuals living in states where gambling, betting on sports, or any other type of activity are not permitted.
  4. It’s not enough just to state that our site is accessible in a specific region or country, but that it could also be presented in an official language for any of those countries.
    We do not recommend using our website to be the official or legal basis to deposit money into your account or for withdrawing winnings. The website is not designed to provide any kind of solicitation, incitement or invitation to gamble, bet or utilize any other services in any jurisdiction where such actions are considered to be illegal.
  5. It is your responsibility to determine whether your access and/or use through the site is compatible with the laws applicable to your region. Furthermore, you must ensure the legality of gambling in the country where you reside. You must confirm that you are legally operating within your state before you sign up for an account on our website. You must obtain legal advice prior to signing up on our Website. We reserve the right to terminate any account in the event that we find that you are located in a country where the use of our website is unlawful. The balance that remains will be reimbursed upon closure following the time that any winnings are paid.
  6. Bookmakers are able to reject bets from customers who don’t follow these rules. The bookmaker is entitled to deny any bet placed by customers who do not adhere to public order and social standards.
  7. The bookmaker has the power to deny a bet, without providing an explanation.
    All bets are settled using the information provided from our central processing facility.
  8. The bettor will be able to collect his gains within 30 calendar days from the announcement of the results of the final date listed on the slip for betting.
  9. If all outcomes of a wager are correctly predicted, then the bet is considered to have been won.
  10. Betting terms include odds, handicaps, and totals Limits on stakes for maximum stakes. The terms could alter after a bet has been made, but won’t affect the terms that were in force prior to placing the placing the bet. The client must confirm the market before signing any contract.
  11. If there are technical issues and insufficient streams, etc. Betting on Esports live streams will be returned in the event that the event doesn’t occur or if bets aren’t settled.
  12. The bookmaker can declare bets invalid when an employee has accepted an incorrect bet (for instance, if odds for betting markets do not align with the amount bet) or if rules are violated. The bookmaker will pay the odds of 1 for the bets.
  13. In the event that odds appear wrong betting will then be determined on the basis of the final outcome, based on the odds applicable to the market in question.
  14. If there is suspicion of unsportsmanlike games The company reserves the right to cancel all bets on sporting events prior to the decision of a global organization. Bets will be declared unenforceable in the event that it is established that the sport was not sportsmanlike. Bets on these games are paid in the form of odds “1”. The customers are not required to obtain proof or conclusions from the management.
  15. Lotus365 is committed to fairness in sports and recognizes that altering sporting activities and other events, can be linked to crimes (organized match-fixing and corruption.). In addition, organized criminal activities such as transnational organized crime, and other types of organized crime. Lotus365 conforms to the principal purposes and goals from the “Council of Europe Convention on the Management of Sporting Events (CETS No. 215)” and the relevant requirements of the law.
    Bookmakers are able to cancel bets when there is suspicion or evidence of a foul playing, for example fixing matches. They also have the option of voiding bets in the case of bets made on another customer’s behalf, or when an unrelated third party is using an account owned by a customer. There may be differences in the size, type and the method of placing bets.
    “Foul-play,” as a verb, refers to the act of “foul-play” is used to refer to the practice of arranging a match or losing an opponent due to a commercial or financial reason or any other violation of rules.
  16. If these rules change then the customer will be informed. Any bets placed on or after the date specified are subject to revised rules. Any bets placed earlier will be in place.
  17. A bet cannot be cancelled when a connection is not working in making sure the bet is confirmed.
  18. Making a bet is evidence that the player has agreement with and accepted the Betting Rules.
  19. The bookmaker’s results are only ones that are employed to resolve bets and calculate the winners. Any complaints about the results, the date or the time at which an event will begin an event are taken into account as well as official documents provided by the sports bodies.
  20. The bookmaker is not able to consider any complaints relating to or arising from transliteration or the translation of a name for a player or team name, or a sporting venue. The tournament title is given for the convenience of. An error in the title of the tournament won’t result in the refund of stakes.
  21. The bookmaker Lotus365 cannot be held responsible for any indirect, incidental or collateral losses damages, which includes loss of profit, even if they are aware that such losses or damages are likely to occur.
  22. The bookmaker has the right to amend and modify these Rules at anytime. The new rules and modifications will be effective immediately following publication.
  23. Lotus365 provides its clients with information of the likelihood of winning as well as the risk and consequences of losing.
    You can check your account for deposits and withdrawals via “My Account”.


The bookmaker will take bets based upon an enumeration of betting markets with odds that represent the probabilities of every outcome.

  1. The minimum bet for one selection will be $.30/EUR 0.20.
  2. Bookmakers decide on the stakes that are minimum and maximum for each choice. Maximum stakes vary according to the event and sport. If an accumulator bet (system) comprises several parts, each having different stake limits the stake limit with the lowest amount is the one that applies.
  3. The maximum amount of money you can earn on a single bet will amount to EUR50,000 (or equivalent amounts in a foreign currency).
  4. The company reserves the rights to limit stakes and odds in certain markets, and to limit or increase stakes as well as odds. The company may also apply other restrictions on individual customers without notification.
  5. The bookmaker is entitled to declare bets on multiple occasions which were correctly predicted as void (bets made on the exact outcome or combination of results however, at differing odds). The bets will be settled at odds of 1.00 when the stake amount is higher than the stake limit that is that is set by the bookmaker.
  6. When a bet is registered on the server and also confirmation online the bet is to be accepted. Bets that are registered can’t be altered or cancelled.
  7. Only bets that don’t over the balance in the customer’s account are accepted. The stake is removed from the account of the customer when a bet is placed. The winnings are credited into the bank account of the client after the bets have been paid.
  8. In the Sports area, you will display the date and time that the contest will take place. Any bets placed after the event has started regardless of the reason will be deemed null. There is a limited exception to in-play bets (live bets) which are bets that take place during the actual game. These bets will remain valid until the end of the game.
  9. Except in the circumstances listed in paragraphs 10-14 it is impossible to modify or eliminate LIVE Bets and SPORTS.
  10. The stake of a cancelled bet will be reimbursed. If a leg are cancelled in accumulators or systems bets then the legs will be omitted from settlement of bets.
  11. If bets are settled incorrectly (e.g. The bets will be recalculated in the event that the settlement is not correct (e.g. Bets placed between the date that the mistake was made and revision will be deemed valid. If the balance of the bettors is negative after the recalculation, then there is no possibility of placing bets until a certain amount has been transferred.
  12. An event in sports cannot be considered to have been rescheduled, cancelled or altered unless it has been officially declared by the organizer of the event in official documents or official websites, sites of sports federations, clubs as well as other reliable sources for sporting information. The section on Sports will be updated in line with the modifications.
  13. The client will be assessed a fee for cancellation of a bet when they deliberately mislead the employees (bookmaker employees) by supplying false information or requests about bets, payouts, or the outcomes from an occasion. The same rule applies to minors as well as their parents.
  14. If a bet is placed with a predetermined outcome (e.g. an event has concluded but the results have not been up-to-date) the bet will be removed.
  15. “Simultaneous Finish” is the result when two or more people is the winner of the competition, the event or championship, for example. In the event that there is a winner with two the stake is then divided by 2 in making bets. If there are three (or more) winners have been announced the odds are equivalent to 1. This rule doesn’t apply to markets that include “to be higher” or “match-up”.
  16. The mercy rule is utilized to stop a game before the time scheduled, if the team that scored a huge goal or has scored a large number of points. When a score is reached one team will have some advantage over its opponent. The exact amount of points needed to apply this rule will be decided by the tournament’s organizer for every event.
  17. SP (Starting Price) – starting odds. This term is used to refer to the odds available at the start of an event. The probabilities are computed by putting the odds offered by organizers of the competition before the race begins. Any bets placed on a competitor who pulls out before the event starts or does not participate during the competition (according with the rules of protocol for tournaments) in the event that there isn’t a new SP market or a new SP market, will be cancelled (settled at odds that are 1.00).
  18. The betting on regional championships such as futsal, football or hockey can be completed within 10 days of announcement of results. Regional championship results (football or futsal games,, etc.) are announced at the time of publication on official websites within 10 days. The list of official websites is available under the heading “Main Sources of Information”. Bets are refunded in the event that one team fails to show up. In this instance the player who did not participate loses the game.
  19. Abbreviations are acceptable for certain the purposes of
    1. CK – corner kicks
    2. ACE – aces
    3. Sending off
    4. PT – Penalty Time
    5. Yellow cards
    6. Cards YRC (yellow and red card).
    7. MS – Misses
    8. SOT Shots on Target
    9. Offsides
    10. F – fouls
    11. Shots on Goal
    12. EB – extra bets
    13. S-series
    14. Free throws scored
    15. 2P – Field goal with 2 points
    16. 3-Point field goal – 3 points
    17. R-rebounds
    18. AST – Assists
    19. Turnovers
    20. BLK – Blocks
    21. DF – double faults
    22. PC – striking the crossbar or the post
    23. BS Shots blocked
    24. C – checking
    25. I – icing
    26. WF – the winner of face-off
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