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Anil Kumble’s Best Performances

anil kumble best performances

Anil Kumble. Jumbo. The man with a heart as big as his googlies. If there’s one player who epitomized grit, determination, and sheer skill in Indian cricket, it’s Kumble. With over 600 Test wickets, he is a legend. Let’s dive into some of Kumble’s best performances, where he spun magic and bamboozled batsmen.

1. 10/74 vs. Pakistan, Delhi 1999

Let’s start with the big one. February 1999. Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi. India vs. Pakistan. Kumble did the unthinkable – he took all ten wickets in an innings, becoming only the second bowler in history to achieve this feat. Pakistan was cruising at 101/0, chasing 420, but Kumble had other plans. He took 10/74 and wrote his name in the history books. If you’re a fan of epic cricket moments, this one tops the list.

2. 8/141 vs. Australia, Sydney 2004

Australia. The land of fast pitches and tougher batsmen. But Kumble was up for the challenge. In the Sydney Test of 2004, he grabbed 8/141, showcasing his endurance and skill on a surface that offered little help to spinners. His performance was a masterclass in patience and precision, and it helped India almost clinch the match. The Aussies had no clue what hit them.

3. 6/12 vs. West Indies, Kolkata 1993

This was vintage Kumble. In the Hero Cup final against the West Indies, Kumble ripped through their batting line-up with figures of 6/12. West Indies crumbled like a pack of cards, and India cruised to a win. This spell remains one of the best in ODI history. Kumble’s accuracy and relentless pressure were a joy to watch.

4. 7/48 vs. England, Chennai 1993

Kumble loved playing at home, and this performance against England in Chennai was a testament to that. His 7/48 demolished England and showcased his ability to exploit even the slightest hint of spin. The English batsmen were left clueless as Kumble spun his web around them.

5. 5/21 vs. South Africa, Mumbai 1996

The Wills World Cup semi-final in 1996 was a high-stakes game, and Kumble delivered when it mattered the most. His 5/21 against South Africa at Mumbai ensured India’s place in the final. He spun the Proteas out with his variations and accuracy, proving to be the match-winner.

6. 6/40 vs. Australia, Bangalore 1998

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy of 1998 saw Kumble at his best. In the Bangalore Test, he took 6/40 in the first innings, setting up a crucial win for India. His ability to extract bounce and turn on a relatively placid pitch was remarkable. The Australians struggled to handle his spin, and Kumble emerged as the hero.

7. 5/84 vs. South Africa, Johannesburg 2006

Winning in South Africa is tough, but Kumble made it possible. In the Johannesburg Test of 2006, he took 5/84 in the second innings, leading India to a historic win. His performance was a mix of aggression and control, and it played a key role in India’s victory.

8. 6/81 vs. Sri Lanka, Colombo 2001

In the Colombo Test of 2001, Kumble’s 6/81 was instrumental in India’s win. The Lankan batsmen had no answers to his spin, and he ripped through their line-up. This performance was yet another example of Kumble’s match-winning abilities.

9. 4/138 vs. West Indies, Antigua 2002

This match is remembered for Kumble’s bravery. With a broken jaw, he came out to bowl and took the crucial wicket of Brian Lara. His 4/138 was a display of sheer courage and determination. Kumble’s grit and never-say-die attitude were inspirational.

10. 5/49 vs. New Zealand, Wellington 2009

In what was one of his last great performances, Kumble took 5/49 against New Zealand in Wellington. His mastery over spin was on full display as he helped India secure a draw and eventually win the series. It was a fitting end to a glorious career.

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